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Champagne and bubbles

Spent a little time fixing two other cameras for the scene, wanted to squeeze some more pictures out of it before I put it in my “färdig skit” folder and forget about it.

Same scene but different lights, also added a champagne bottle next to the bathtub for that little extra luxury feeling, and for the ones that’ll comment that ‘the champagne bottlecap is closed, how can there be champagne in the glass?’ JO, the persons, i.e the ones that are probably in for a relaxing afternoon, taking a bath, maybe celebrating something (hence the champagne) obviously filled up their glasses and put the champagne bottlecap back on again, in case of.. well.. maybe the guy (or girl, or girl and girl or guy and guy) accidentally trips and flips it over. Then you’d be glad the bottlecap was on. Imagination is your limit here 🙂

Enough talking, here’s the two pictures!

Champagne Bathroom Render

Bathroom 3D Render toilet



Animation done!

Finally the animation is done, and I can put this project to rest!

House made in sketchup
Visualized in 3DS MAX
Edited in After Effects and Premiere

Watch it in HD on vimeo for best quality!


Done and done!

The still pictures are as good as done, awaiting the slow and painful render of the animation, will probably take a while so I’m letting my computer run for a week or two and post it whenever it’s ready.

For now, enjoy the still images from the house. It’s been a fun and interesting project indeed! 🙂








Starting to look good

Well, making progress with the house, drew the last walls and windows, some doors on the out and inside remains. The balcony is also as good as done until the detailmodelling in 3ds max. Got the water pipes under the balcony correct in place and had I known from the start that they were going to be such pain in my arse I’d done it in 3ds.

Enough gibbering, this is the house current state.




This is where I am right now, exported the “blueprints” from sketchup to 3Ds MAX and started working with the materials (roof, bricks, concrete, wood etc). This is 8 hours work and I’ve decided to not continue with this house but instead start anew with a more interesting design 🙂 Keep a lookout!



3D house in Sketchup

Our first assignment this year was to build a house and I’ve started to draw on a house using sketchup and will build the house and it’s interior in both Sketchup and 3D max for a final photorealistic result. Keep a lookout!

Hus from sketchup


Woody project coming up

Been working on a little side-project, it’s theme will be Wood. Yes wood, in all it’s forms. And the creations will be everything from mobile phones to TV-controllers and furniture. Keep a lookout!

Here’s a little sample!


preview 3 mobiles