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Champagne and bubbles

Spent a little time fixing two other cameras for the scene, wanted to squeeze some more pictures out of it before I put it in my “färdig skit” folder and forget about it.

Same scene but different lights, also added a champagne bottle next to the bathtub for that little extra luxury feeling, and for the ones that’ll comment that ‘the champagne bottlecap is closed, how can there be champagne in the glass?’ JO, the persons, i.e the ones that are probably in for a relaxing afternoon, taking a bath, maybe celebrating something (hence the champagne) obviously filled up their glasses and put the champagne bottlecap back on again, in case of.. well.. maybe the guy (or girl, or girl and girl or guy and guy) accidentally trips and flips it over. Then you’d be glad the bottlecap was on. Imagination is your limit here 🙂

Enough talking, here’s the two pictures!

Champagne Bathroom Render

Bathroom 3D Render toilet



Another bathroom render

I regret what I wrote in my last post, bathrooms IS a great way of getting a good picture, it’s really easy to work with the details and to actually get a decent looking picture. I tossed in the render along with some passes (MultiMatte, VrayTex for occlusion, vrayreflection, zdepth) and all I had to do was putting it all in order, dodge and burn some speculars, changing colours and voila.

Got some help from a bud in class with the colors, he keeps referring to me as 3D Bella or Blondin 3D, finds it amusing that i’m blogging. It’s a little swedish inside joke, Blondin Bella is a swedish blogger and got very famous back in the days (actually I got no idea if she’s “in the game” anymore or what she’s doing. Wow, didn’t think the day would come that I can use the phrase “in the game” when talking about blogging, jeez I really need to stop writing now, here’s the bathroom!)

Bathroom 3D Render 3ds


Animation done!

Finally the animation is done, and I can put this project to rest!

House made in sketchup
Visualized in 3DS MAX
Edited in After Effects and Premiere

Watch it in HD on vimeo for best quality!


Done and done!

The still pictures are as good as done, awaiting the slow and painful render of the animation, will probably take a while so I’m letting my computer run for a week or two and post it whenever it’s ready.

For now, enjoy the still images from the house. It’s been a fun and interesting project indeed! 🙂