21 years old, live with my girlfriend in eastern Gothenburg, interested in photography, visual and 3D graphics. Love dogs and music, keeps my energy at it’s fullest.

Patience and effectiveness is one of my prime feats, always quick to come up with solutions and finding alternate paths to get the work done. I’m thourough whenever I can be, with the time given and love working with other people. That said, I work even better alone.

It started out in early highschool whe​n I got interested in visual effects mostly seen on big hollywood-production movies and also a bit journalism and studied therefore IT/Media in Gothenburg. I worked a lot with adobe photoshop, after effects and developed an interest in motion graphics. I followed blogs like Andrew Kramer’s Video Copilot, filmed short movies with my friends, learned to edit my footage in after effects and actually Sony Vegas back then. After a while I started to find interest in 3D Graphics but as it wasn’t part of my studies it kind of fell out.

After my studies I went on a two year break of finding myself and all of that, travelled around Europe with friends, worked double jobs, met my girlfriend, decided to get back on track which leads us to the present.

Today I study Computer Graphics Design at Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg, learning advanced 3D graphics and visualization. I, (like many others of course) have a burning passion for the visual and the communication surrounding it. A picture says more than a thousand words someone said to me a long time ago, and I couldn’t agree more 😉




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