Another bathroom render

I regret what I wrote in my last post, bathrooms IS a great way of getting a good picture, it’s really easy to work with the details and to actually get a decent looking picture. I tossed in the render along with some passes (MultiMatte, VrayTex for occlusion, vrayreflection, zdepth) and all I had to do was putting it all in order, dodge and burn some speculars, changing colours and voila.

Got some help from a bud in class with the colors, he keeps referring to me as 3D Bella or Blondin 3D, finds it amusing that i’m blogging. It’s a little swedish inside joke, Blondin Bella is a swedish blogger and got very famous back in the days (actually I got no idea if she’s “in the game” anymore or what she’s doing. Wow, didn’t think the day would come that I can use the phrase “in the game” when talking about blogging, jeez I really need to stop writing now, here’s the bathroom!)

Bathroom 3D Render 3ds



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