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Done and done!

The still pictures are as good as done, awaiting the slow and painful render of the animation, will probably take a while so I’m letting my computer run for a week or two and post it whenever it’s ready.

For now, enjoy the still images from the house. It’s been a fun and interesting project indeed! 🙂









Some render settings for the project

render settings

3D Test rendering video

Rendered a test of the current scene, no audio, just to get a good look of the final render. Looking forward to it 🙂

An unexpected surprise, but a good one

This is the 1st testpicture, rendered with low settings. I expected total shit as the first picture you render from a scene usually is but actually it looked okay haha! Should be a walk in the park from here, will get into detail and fix the rest of the materials on the outside, take a break as it is friiiiday, and fix the rest on sunday.

ha det gott!

progress8 test av material


Sketchup has done enough

Done in sketchup for now, time for import to 3Ds max! Should be interesting to see the results of such deep work in sketchup, usually you just make BASIC structure and fill everything in a 3D program later on. It’s really fun though, can’t believe it’s for free. 🙂 Well this is right now. Will post again when the scene looks photorealistic.



Starting to look good

Well, making progress with the house, drew the last walls and windows, some doors on the out and inside remains. The balcony is also as good as done until the detailmodelling in 3ds max. Got the water pipes under the balcony correct in place and had I known from the start that they were going to be such pain in my arse I’d done it in 3ds.

Enough gibbering, this is the house current state.



Something big this way comes

Been building on something big for the next house project. It’ll become a big villa with balcony around the corner of the house and probably a swimming pool at the base. Right now I’m working out measures for windows and doors to get the correct lighting with v-ray later on in 3Ds MAX. It’ll look great 🙂

something big